Paper sizes, pocket sizes and frames:

DIN formats are used in all areas of activity to define formats and sizes. These are used by partners to avoid misunderstandings. The following dimensions represent the most common DIN formats.

In addition to the exact size in mm, we also offer information on how to fit various dimensions relative to each other.


DIN A0 841 mm x 1189 mm    
DIN A1 594 mm x 841 mm Inclus de 2 x  DIN A0  
DIN A2 420 mm x 594 mm Inclus de 4 x  DIN A0  
DIN A3 297 mm x 420 mm Inclus de 8 x  DIN A0  
DIN A4 210 mm x 297 mm Inclus de 16 x  DIN A0  
DIN A5 148 mm x 210 mm Inclus de 32 x  DIN A0  
DIN A6 105 mm x 148 mm Inclus de 64 x  DIN A0  
DIN A7 74 mm x 105 mm Inclus de 128 x  DIN A0  
DIN A8 52 mm x 74 mm Inclus de 256 x  DIN A0  
DIN A9 37 mm x 52 mm Inclus de 512 x  DIN A0  
DIN A10 26 mm x 37 mm Inclus de 1024 x  DIN A0  

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